Restore The Clark Telescope




After 117 years of service, the massive Clark Telescope needs an overhaul so it can continue to be the centerpiece of our public program for the next century. However, such an effort isn’t easy or cheap so we need your help!


On March 13th — Percival Lowell’s birthday — we will launch an official, 60-day crowdsourcing campaign on to raise the $256,718.50 needed for the Clark restoration. Donors will receive Clark-related merchandise/experiences commensurate to their gift to the campaign.


Help us restore the behemoth used by Percival to study Mars, by V.M. Slipher to detect the first evidence of the expanding nature of the Universe, and peered through by more than a million visitors. If you’re one of those visitors, you know about the Clark’s legendary optics and clarity, especially when it spies on the giants of our Solar System, Jupiter and Saturn. Help our director of technical services and telescope guru extraordinaire Ralph Nye set the Clark up for another century of good seeing for visitors to Mars Hill!


• Images and a complete rundown of the planned restoration available upon request.
• The Clark will be open starting at 9 AM; however, please contact Tom Vitron to set an interview time.
• Weather permitting, the dome shutters will actually be open during the day, a rarity.


For more about the Clark,  visit